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Migori 2

Sensitization homabay and Migori counties

The Fish Levy Trust Fund (FLTF) in December 2022 conducted a sensitization program in the Lake Victoria region with the aim of informing stakeholders about the organization's mandate and seek the views of stakeholders.

Three sensitization programs were held at the fisheries offices in Homa Bay County, Mbita landing site, and Sori landing site, Migori County. The programs were designed to not only create awareness but also to seek the views of the stakeholders and address any concerns they may have.

The sensitization program in the Lake Victoria region was well attended by leaders from various Beach Management Units, County Executive Committee Members, representatives from the State Department For Blue Economy and Fisheries and women representatives from the region. FLTF took the opportunity to engage with the leaders and seek their views on the organization's mandate and the collection of levies. The leaders were also asked to pass along the information to their people in order to create greater awareness on the existence of the FLTF and the importance of supporting its efforts.

FLTF believes that through engagement and collaboration with all actors along the fish value chain, it can effectively fulfill its mandate and ensure the sustainable management of the fishery resources in the Lake Victoria region.


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