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  • Sensitization Mombasa and Kilifi counties

    The Fish Levy Trust Fund in November 2022 conducted a sensitization workshop in the Coast region

  • World Fisheries Day celebrations

    The celebration of World Fisheries Day at Shimoni Fish Port, Kwale County on 21st  Novem

  • Sensitization homabay and Migori counties

    The Fish Levy Trust Fund (FLTF) in December 2022 conducted a sensitization program in the Lake Victoria region with the aim of informing stakeholders about the organization's mandate and seek the views of stakeholders.

  • Tree Planting Exercise, National Trout Hatchery Kiganjo

    The Fish Levy Trust Fund in conjunction with The State Department for Fisheries, Aquaculture & The Blue Economy, and The Kenya Fisheries Service took part in a tree planting exercise at National Trout Hatchery, Kiganjo in fulfillment of the presidential directive to increase forest cover by 10%.

  • International Whale Shark Day

    The enormous whale shark is the largest animal on the planet yet it’s population has been decimated to one of the smallest. As we turn this year’s chapter of the whale shark, the focus of environmentalists and planet lovers should be on the survival of all the endangered species lives.
    Destruction of breeding areas such a coral reefs and mangroves and the destruction of rain forests and grasslands has significantly affected the populations, increased global warming, decimated agricultural production and increased human-wildlife conflicts.