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About Us

Fish Levy Trust Fund Overview 

The Fish Levy Trust Fund was established under section 28(1) of the Fisheries Management and Development Act 2016.Section28(3) which provides that the object of the fund shall be to provide supplementary funding of activities geared towards management, development and capacity building, awards, and urgent mitigation to ensure the sustainability of the fisheries resource.

Fish Levy Trust Fund is currently in the operationalization stage with a Board of Trustees and staff that oversee the day to day running of the Fund.


A leading agency in promoting sustainability and development of fisheries resource in Kenya through supplementary funding.


To facilitate sustainability of the fisheries resource through supplementary support of key fisheries activities for socio-economic development.

Our Core Values

To achieve this mission and vision, the Fund will be guided by the following:

Sustainability: We believe in providing solutions that guarantee continuity in value delivery ensuring achievement of long-term fisheries sector goals.

Integrity: The foundations of good governance are enshrined in integrity and transparency.

Good Governance: The Fund will strive to enhance a governance framework that encourages the efficient use of resources and strongly promotes accountability for the stewardship of those resources.

Human Dignity: Everyone who interacts with the Fund at any level will be treated with absolute human dignity. Our engagements will uphold human dignity at the core

Teamwork: The Fund vision is the driver of our commitment to become a better institution every day. As such, it takes collective action to drive a common agenda to realize the Fund’s Vision. Our people will work collaboratively with each other and with our stakeholders to achieve our strategic goals.

Accountability: FLTF will be accountable to Kenyans in all its operations.

Our Strategic Objective

To adhere to the legal and institutional framework for supplementary funding of activities geared towards management, development and capacity building, awards and urgent mitigation in the fisheries sector;