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FLTF CEO, Dr. Beatrice Akunga at the FLTF stand during the world fisheries day celebrations.

World Fisheries Day celebrations

The celebration of World Fisheries Day at Shimoni Fish Port, Kwale County on 21st  November 2022 was a momentous occasion for the Fish Levy Trust Fund as it provided an opportunity to reflect on the role of the fisheries sector in sustainable development and social protection. The theme for this year's celebration was "Investing in social protection to secure equitable blue transformation in the fisheries sector". The day was marked by various activities aimed at raising awareness on the importance of the fisheries sector in securing the livelihoods of coastal communities and promoting sustainable development.

FLTF is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure that the sector provides equitable benefits to all actors along the value chain. FLTF sensitized the stakeholders at the celebration grounds on the mandate of the Fund and its services.

In his remarks, the Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs, Hon. Salim Mvuryia, emphasized the importance of investing in social protection for the sustainable development of the fisheries sector. He also highlighted the need for sustained investment in social protection programs to secure a sustainable future for the sector and its communities. The Cabinet Secretary further expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders for their support and commitment to the development of the fisheries sector.

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