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Sensitization Mombasa and Kilifi counties

Sensitization Mombasa and Kilifi counties

The Fish Levy Trust Fund in November 2022 conducted a sensitization workshop in the Coast region including Mombasa and Kilifi Counties to spread awareness about the organization and its mission. The workshop was an opportunity for the FLTF to engage with stakeholders in the region and educate them about the role and purpose of the Fund.

The FLTF is an organization established to provide supplementary funding for activities aimed at ensuring the sustainability of fishery resources, including management, capacity building, and urgent mitigation. The Fund collects levies from actors along the fish value chain and uses the revenue to support these critical initiatives.

At the sensitization workshop, the FLTF team emphasized the importance of the Fund and its potential impact on the local fishing industry. By providing additional funding for crucial initiatives, the FLTF aims to promote sustainable fishing practices, improve the livelihoods of fishermen, and contribute to the overall health of the region's fishery resources.

The workshop was well-received by the participants and sparked important discussions about the future of the local fishing industry and the role of the FLTF in supporting it. The FLTF team was encouraged by the level of engagement and interest from the stakeholders and is committed to continuing its efforts to raise awareness and support for the Fund in the Coast region and beyond.

Overall, the sensitization workshop was a successful step in the FLTF's efforts to promote its mission and rally support from stakeholders in the fishing industry. By working together with local communities and businesses, the FLTF is confident that it can make a positive impact on the future of the fishery resources in the region.

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